Toraja Weather And Climate

Located at an altitude of 300-2880 meters above sea level, Toraja has such a mild  and agreeable climate the whole year round. As with most areas in Indonesia, the climate is tropical wet climate with two seasons, based on rainfall, the rainy season and dry season. From June to October there begins a dry season, with minimal precipitation; in the rainy season from December to April, it rains for several hours practically every day. May and November are interim months.

The average temperatures is around 16° C (59° F) at night and 28° C (82° F) during the day. The humidity is high (from a minimum of 82% to a maximum of 86%), the average rainfall is 1500 mm per year to more than 3500 mm per year.

Based on Oldeman climate classification, most of Toraja region can be classified in climate type B1, C1, and C3. The wet months (average rainfall of more 200 mm) for 2-3 months in a row, and the dry months (average rainfall of less than 100 mm) for 2-3 months in a row.


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